TechnoCat You may notice this web site is simple. That's because it doesn't need to be complex. And THAT is my philosophy toward technical things; Keep it as simple as possible. You are here because you need help with something technical, right? TechnoCat can help!
Call or text 575-2-two-fouuur-2282 or email chris(at)

How I do business:
I explain everything I'm doing and why.

I won't sell equipment. I'll show you what to get and then use it for implementation. You get the best prices available that way.

I answer questions you have with thoughtfulness, using simple language.

Treat you like the human you are.

Keep billing within expectations, without surprises.

Laugh whenever possible!

TechnoCat Specialties:
Troubleshooting things others can't figure out. Electrical, mechanical, computer.

Making things talk to each other (not people!)

Remote sensing (IoT stuff) and industrial automation.

Network communication and problem solving

IT system design and implementation (especially good at leveraging like-new, but used hardware for budget minded buyers.)

Solve problems using science

Drumming and Percussion!